Monday, November 10, 2008

It’s amazing that we did as well as we did

In her recent interview with local Alaska media, Sarah Palin insisted, as she has in every public utterance since the election, that the Obama victory was not her (or even McCain’s) fault: “If we’re talking change, we want to get far away from what it was that the present administration represented and that is to a great degree what the Republican Party at the time had been representing. So people desiring change I think went as far from the administration that is presently seated as they could. It’s amazing that we did as well as we did.” Last week, she blamed it on the recession. At no point has she ever acknowledged the possibility that anyone voted for Obama because they, you know, wanted him to be president. She is a sore and a graceless loser.

She defended, too, also, her practice of charging the state for living and eating at home, which she intends to keep doing, and even praised herself for “trying to go above and beyond, not accepting any per diem for the kids or Todd at all, they’ve lived outside of the governor’s house.”

On Troopergate: “It’s done. It’s over. People need to move on.” How can we, when you keep saying stupid things that need to be made fun of?

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