Thursday, December 11, 2008

2008 in Pictures

Compiling this year’s pictures, This Blog has grown melancholy over the forthcoming loss of that eternal font of teh goofy, George Bush’s face, that chimp-like countenance which has the unique ability to make you want to both laugh at it and punch it very hard indeed, simultaneously.

What will a Barack Obama presidency bring? A long, long visual drought. An increasingly frustrating series of dignified poses. Sigh. Soon desperation will drive me to learn how to photoshop propeller beanies

and Queen Elizabeth’s hats

onto his head,

and he’ll still look ten times more dignified than Bush at his most dignitudinous. Sigh.

Here’s our look back:


My most popular photo of the year (400 hits from the Netherlands alone), Mara Carfagna, Italy’s “Equal Opportunities Minster” and now government spokesperson:

Bush & the basketball game of doom, 6.16.08   2

6.16.08   6

Bush & the basketball game of doom, 6.16.08   11

Our first glimpse of Joe the Plumber:


John McCain informed us that the fundamentals of our economy were strong, and while he may not have been entirely correct about that, one fundamental leading economic indicator remained absolutely steady, no matter what: everything we needed to know about the true state of the economy we could always tell by the expression on Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s face:

Mortgage Crisis

Finally, presenting the Picture of the Year for 2008:

Come back, Maverick, all is forgiven.

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