Monday, December 08, 2008

And I’m looking in your eyes and I’m seeing wonder

This morning, Bush hosted a Christmas reception for children from schools on military bases (because only children whose parents are willing to fight and die in the War on Christmas deserve Christmas).

He was very excited. Perhaps a little too excited. “And we’re excited you’re here for a couple of reasons: One, we love to see the wonder in people’s eyes when they get to see the majesty of the White House at this time of year. And I’m looking in your eyes and I’m seeing wonder.” Just like the wonder he saw in Vladimir Putin’s eyes. Kids, if an old guy tells you he wants to look in your eyes and see “wonder,” run away as fast as you can. This has been a WIIIAI public service announcement.

George got an early Christmas present: a bald head to rub. Just what he always wanted!

By the way, I just got a Christmas card from my dentist. Emphatically a Christmas rather than a more generic holiday/seasonal card. I find that rather obnoxious.

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