Saturday, December 13, 2008

We saved the world!

At Prime Minister’s Questions this week, Gordon Brown made a little gaffe, saying that he had “saved the world,” when he meant to say he had saved the banking system (save the cheerleader, save the banking system). The Tory party has made it available as a ringtone.

I’m still on the Mike Huckabee email list (the spam I subject myself to in order to get material for the entertainment of you, the faithful reader!). Huckles suggests that the “perfect Christmas gift” would be his book “Do the Right Thing” (I assume it has something to do with throwing a garbage can through a pizza parlor window) in a leather gift box. Cows might argue about that definition of “the right thing.” The Huckster also suggests you purchase this lovely shirt for your family and friends:

Zimbabwean officials are claiming that when Mugabe said cholera has been “cured” in his country, he was being “sarcastic.” So that’s okay then.

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