Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One of the many casualties of the war on terror

Poor, poor Gonzo. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who cannot find a job, is writing a book for which he cannot find a publisher, possibly because the outline reads “Chapter 1: I don’t recall. Chapter 2: I don’t recall. Chapter 3: I don’t recall...”, and is whining to the Wall Street Journal (link, other link) about his undeservedly poor reputation.

“For some reason,” he says, “I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror.” But where’s his plaque, huh, huh?

I love that more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger “for some reason.” He does, however, suggest one reason, and of course it had nothing to do with anything bad he might have done, because of course he never did anything bad: “I have been treated differently because of my relationship with the president. People thought that they could hurt the president by hurting me.”

He insists: “I didn’t leave in disgrace.” Ignominy, opprobrium, infamy, contempt and dishonor, sure, but not disgrace.

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