Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A reminder of why I’ll miss it

Headline of the Day / Name of the Day (The Financial Times): “Dikshit Pleads Guilty to Online Betting.”

Roger Ebert has a blog post full of funny lines about bad movies from his past reviews. Which inspired me to google my archives for a few of the quotes from reviews I’ve posted over the decades: “Armageddon” is “Like being yelled at by idiots for 144 minutes” (Dennis Lim, Village Voice). “Wesley Snipes is a very versatile actor who works well with a variety of weapons” (Voice). Scary Movie 2: “Perhaps, in a rare instance of subtle social satire, this film is being released on July 4 to remind America of the high cost of freedom of speech.” (Elvis Mitchell, NYT). “Chemistry project: Take the powdered contents of a small box of Jell-O. Add Water. The volatility of the reaction will give you some idea of the excitement generated by the teaming of Steven Seagal and Keenen Ivory Wayons in The Glimmer Man.” (Lawrence Van Gelder, NYT). Do you have any favorite lines from reviews? Share them in comments.

THEY’RE THE REMINDERERS: Yesterday Bush went to Walter Reed, got an MRI on his shoulder and visited some of the people his wars had put in the hospital. He’s gonna really really miss visiting people his wars put in the hospital: “You know, I oftentimes say being the Commander-in-Chief of the military is the thing I’ll miss the most, and coming here to Walter Reed is a reminder of why I’ll miss it.” Oh, I’m sure they’d let you drop by and empty the bed pans.

Why he’ll miss it:

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