Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A dirty stain on our heart

Cardinal Jorge Medina of Chile interrupted a mass in order to castigate Madonna (the singer not the mother of that Jesus guy), currently doing a concert tour in Chile, for causing “impure thoughts” with her “incredibly shameful behaviour.” He said that such thoughts, but presumably not massacring dissidents in a soccer stadium – did I mention the mass was in honor of the late dictator Augusto Pinochet? – are “a dirty stain on our heart.” Medina also accused Chileans seeking justice against government officials who tortured and killed during the Pinochet years of being motivated by revenge.

The Catholic Church also pressured Italian tv to run “Brokeback Mountain” without any gay scenes.

Today Bush met Dr. Halima Bashir, a civil rights activist from Darfur and author of “Tears in the Desert.” He said, “The urgency of the situation is never more apparent than when I had the honor of visiting with this brave soul.” Whatever makes it real for you. She hid her face from photographers, for obvious reasons.

Because she was afraid of getting killed in Sudan. Why, what did you think?

IN OTHER WORDS: “We support the mediation process by the A.U.-U.N. mediator. In other words, we recognize in order for there to be peace in Darfur that parties must come to the table in good faith and solve the problems.”

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