Tuesday, March 05, 2013


The NYT has an article about a branch of the NYPD that “stag[es] interventions” with young people they think are going to become criminals:

“Officers not only make repeated drop-ins at homes and schools, but they also drive up to the teenagers in the streets, shouting out friendly hellos, in front of their friends.” So friendly.

They also keep dossiers on every juvenile who has gotten in trouble with the law, and try to get into their Facebook pages through fake profiles. You might call this sort of behaviour “stalking” or “police harassment,” but Det. Patrick Kennedy has another term:

“‘When they are all colored up like this in jackets and they go walking around other developments, that’s a problem,’ Detective Kennedy said. ‘They call that mobbing.’”

So your Street Vocabulary lesson for the day: when gangs get “all colored up” in jackets and walk around housing developments, it’s “mobbing,” when cops do it, it’s an “intervention.”

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