Saturday, March 09, 2013

Today -100: March 9, 1913: Of trespassing airplanes, speeding tickets, and frozen legislatures

Woodrow Wilson appoints Franklin D. Roosevelt, a NY state senator, as assistant secretary of the Navy, a job once held by his 5th cousin Theodore Roosevelt. Not that you should read anything into that.

Britain fines a French aviator 2 guineas for flying over England without permission, under the new law. Of course they couldn’t have done a thing about it if he hadn’t landed.

South Carolina Gov. Coleman Blease’s negro driver is given a ticket for speeding (the limit is 12 mph in Columbia; he was driving 30) and fined $3.75. Blease issues a pardon and demands that the fine be returned. The chief of police, one Clint Cathcart, refuses. Blease says until he gets the money back, he will pardon everyone convicted in that court.

Clarence Darrow’s jury-tampering second trial results in a hung jury (he was acquitted the first time). There will be no further trials.

Alaska’s first legislature is inaugurated, with limited powers. The House consists of 16 members, the Senate 8.

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