Sunday, March 03, 2013

Today -100: March 3, 1913: Of border skirmishes, and Jewish tailors

Various governors of Mexican states, and some rebel leaders, have been falling in line behind Huerta, although Zapata is demanding to be made governor of Morelos.

On the Arizona border, the 9th US cavalry – a negro unit – fights off a force of 60 Mexican soldiers, killing 6 of them. “It is said that the American troops became so excited that they crossed the boundary and pursued the Mexicans for some distance.”

The NYT gives an “amusing account” of how the Czar of All the Russias scared the shit out of a Jewish tailor. It seems that Czar Nicholas II had seen a particularly nice uniform on a colonel from the Crimean Dragoons. Naturally, he wanted one, and asked the colonel who his tailor was. He then had the tailor taken from his home without explanation by a military officer and, terrified, brought to the capital, where he spent four days making the uniform while his family wondered if he was alive or dead, before being well rewarded and returned to the Crimea. So amusing.

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