Thursday, March 07, 2013

Today -100: March 7, 1913: Of office-seekers, foolish virgins, and the draft

Woodrow Wilson announced that he would speak with no office-seekers, and they should all go and bug members of his cabinet, who will be allowed to appoint their own subordinates. And so the flood of supplicants commences. Bryan for one plans to eject Republicans from the State Department.

The London County Council elections are coming up, and admission to some of the election meetings is by ticket only to prevent suffragette heckling. At one meeting, after two interruptions, President of the Local Government Board John Burns demanded that all women leave – although women have the vote for LCC elections. At another meeting, he referred to suffragette hecklers as “foolish virgins.”

The Greek Army captures Yanina, taking 32,000 captives.

The French Parliament is debating (by which I mean yelling Gallic insults at each other) extending mandatory military service from two years to three years (men from families with more than 6 children will still serve only 2). The French will tell you this is only needed to respond to Germany’s increase in military spending.

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