Monday, March 25, 2013

Today -100: March 25, 1913: Of Avignon Arkansas, undisclosed stationery, padlocks, and 1% solutions

Tornados kill 250 or so, mostly in Omaha and surroundings.

Arkansas no longer has two governors. When Gov. Robinson was elected to the US Senate, the president pro tem took over as acting governor; a few days later he was replaced as president pro tem but claimed that he was still governor; the new president pro tem disagreed, and for several weeks the two both kept gubernatorial offices in the State Capitol. The state supreme court has now decided in favor of the new guy, Junius Futrell.

Not only will William Wilson, the secretary of labor, not be paid until the next fiscal year begins in July, because Congress forgot to appropriate any funds to the new department, but none of the dept’s officers can be paid (those in the bureaus that were transferred to the Labor Dept’s aegis – the Immigration, Naturalization, Labor, and Children’s bureaus – are still funded) and it can’t buy, for instance, stationery. “Where [Wilson] gets the paper [he uses] has not been disclosed.”

British suffragette fun and games: “There was a curious incident at the Labour Conference in Manchester. While the Chairman was saying, ‘We desire passionately that women shall not be political outlaws,’ it was discovered that militants, to whom admission had been refused, had put padlocks on the doors of the hall.” Actually, they were not so much refused admission, as asked to sign a document promising not to heckle, demonstrate, or cause any annoyance.

Doctors’ organizations are complaining about a bill being considered by the NY Legislature to regulate doctors prescribing cocaine and make them keep records. The doctors call it an affront to their honesty and an insult to their intelligence.

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