Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today -100: March 26, 1913: Of great storms, citizenship, and smallpox

Storms, Dayton, Ohio under water and blah blah blah. The “Great Storm of 1913.” 400 drown in Dayton. Peru, Indiana “appeals for coffins, doctors, nurses,” not necessarily in that order.

The lower house of the Massachusetts Legislature votes in favor of women’s suffrage 144-88, but it needs 2/3, so fails.

The petition of Harriot Stanton Blatch, Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s daughter and a big-time suffragist in her own right, to have her American citizenship restored (she lost it because she married an English bloke) is rejected by a federal district court judge.

Sylvia Pankhurst is released from Holloway Prison and describes her experiences of forcible feeding in more detail than you probably want to read. When she decided she had had enough, she went on a sleep strike too, walking and walking in her cell for 28 hours.

Montenegro agrees to Austria’s demands that it let the civilians of Scutari evacuate, though with lots of grumbling about breaches of neutrality.

The Senate dining room is fumigated for smallpox (does that work?) after a former worker came down with it. Everyone in the White House, from Wilson down, is getting vaccinated.

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  1. "[...]is fumigated for smallpox (does that work?)"

    No. But when does efficacy interfere with a nice little contract?