Friday, October 11, 2013

Today -100: October 11, 1913: Of coups within coups, deformed and mutilated manhoods, and dynamite

In Mexico, Sen. Belisaro Dominguez disappears or, to phrase it more accurately, is disappeared, after making a speech critical of Huerta. Members of the Chamber of Deputies sign a resolution warning Huerta about that and threatening to move out of Mexico City. So he sends soldiers into the Chamber to arrest 110 of them.

Federal troops in Mexico lose Torreon to the rebels (Pancho Villa’s forces).

Alton Parker concludes his speech against NY Gov. William Sulzer in his impeachment trial. Parker says there is no limitation on what might constitute a cause for impeachment (including non-criminal acts and acts before Sulzer took office) and that it is up to the High Court of Impeachment to decide. I’m getting flashbacks to the Clinton impeachment.

Oh, dear, now I’m reading Alton’s speech and REALLY getting Clinton impeachment flashbacks: “Stripped to his quaking flesh, he stands now naked before this tribunal, without a rag of his attempted vindication clinging to his deformed and mutilated manhood.”

Woodrow Wilson touches a button on his desk to detonate 8 tons of dynamite to blow up a dike in the Panama Canal. It blowed up real good.

A Kiev newspaper, an anti-Semitic newspaper yet, is suppressed for saying that the “blood ritual murder” trial is bullshit.

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