Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Today -100: October 9, 1913: Of battleships, impeachments, and dead princesses

Woodrow Wilson wants to build three new battleships, but is having trouble with the big steel firms: Bethlehem and Midvale Steel companies are refusing to compete with each other, offering identical bids. So the government may have to build its own armor-plate factory.

NY Gov. Sulzer’s lawyers in his impeachment trial end the defense case without the governor testifying. Neither did his wife, who he’s been blaming for diverting campaign funds into stock speculations, although not so much during the actual case. He’s been implying that while he didn’t want to be such a cad as to put his wife on the stand, she was totally responsible.

It seems Princess Sophia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach did not commit suicide because she was forbidden from marrying a Jew, but out of guilt for running over and killing a girl the month before (her chauffeur was just acquitted, and wasn’t it delightful of the royals to let him stand trial for it when she was driving?).

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