Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Today -100: October 15, 1913: Of coal mines, coups, the rule of the sea, and bones of persons tortured to death by Jews

439 coal miners die in a mine explosion and fire in Senhenydd, Wales, as is the custom. Most of the bodies won’t be recovered. One woman is waiting for word about her husband, four sons and three brothers.

Huerta still plans to hold elections on the 26th in whatever parts of Mexico he controls and with whatever parts of the government he controls. Sure he does. Anyhoo, the US informs him that it won’t recognize the results of those elections. Huerta says the deputies he arrested will be tried for treason. And that he will be taking charge of the interior, finance and war ministries.

Gandhi begins his first act of large-scale civil disobedience. He gathers Indian supporters in Natal province, South Africa, to march to the border with Transvaal province and cross it in violation of the race-based pass laws.

Headline of the Day -100: “Women Not First.” On the fiery Volturno, the “women and children first” rule was not observed.

In the Kiev ritual murder trial, a former Jew, now a monk, testifies that sure, Jews torture Christian children all the time. “If the bowels of the earth opened up one would discover many bones of persons tortured to death by Jews.”

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