Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today -100: October 30, 1913: Of coal wars, ritual murder, and forcible resistance

Striking Colorado coal miners burn a mine office of the Southwestern Fuel Company (and the post office which shared the building, after looting the mail) in Aguilar. The Colo. National Guard gives mine guards and strikers 24 hours to surrender their arms, like that’s gonna happen.

Two doctors testify for Mendel Beilis in the Kiev ritual murder trial. One of them is a Dr. Pavlov, I think possibly the salivating-dogs Dr. Pavlov. It would help if the New York Times USED FUCKING FIRST NAMES, EVER.

Andrew Bonar Law, leader of the Tory Party, addresses a meeting alongside self-proclaimed One True Tsar of All the Ulsters Sir Edward Carson. Bonar Law says the Tories will support Ulster, even to the extent of forcible resistance to Home Rule.

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