Thursday, October 03, 2013

Today -100: October 3, 1913: Of undesirable aliens, ether, duels, happy families, and fathers

Immigration authorities at Ellis Island order the deportation of famous English music-hall singer Marie Lloyd, who arrived to do a US tour, as well as her... companion... jockey Bernard Dillon, when they discover that the two are not married. To be continued...

How They Died 100 Years Ago: Sir Frederick Williams, 4th baronet of Tregullow, dies from an overdose of ether, which is popular in Paris as a recreational drug.

How They Didn’t Die 100 Years Ago: Rouzier d’Orcières fights his 173rd duel. Loses, actually, with a couple of slashes to his wrist and forearm.

British suffragist Eva Ward writes to the NYT about Sir Almroth Wright’s book The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage, which explains how the women’s suffrage derives from hysteria (he’s a doctor, you know). It seems Wright’s wife Jane is prominent in several women’s suffrage societies, and gives every female college graduate a leather-bound copy of John Stuart Mill’s Subjection of Women. Almroth and Jane do not live together any more.

Rep. J. Hampton Moore (R-PA) proposes that the first Sunday in June be designated Father’s Day. Presumably he needed some new ties.

Moore has eight children, if you were wondering.

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