Monday, October 07, 2013

Today -100: October 7, 1913: I am going to give them my body and they can do anything they like with it

The impeachment trial of NY Gov. William Sulzer continues. From the opening remarks of his counsel: “The respondent is a plain, affable man, easy to approach, and a man who, until the year 1913, never made enemies. ... He never kept books of account or records of his transactions. He is exceedingly careless and unmethodical. Details are something to which he is almost a stranger.”

Headline of the Day -100: “Russia May Want Another Pogrom.” The Manchester Guardian suggests that the prosecution of a Jew, Mendel Beilis, in Kiev for the supposed ritual murder of a Christian teenager (who was very probably actually killed by a criminal gang who thought he was a snitch) is being deliberately conducted and publicized in such a way as to foment hatred of Jews.

Yuan Shih-kai is elected president of China by the Chinese Parliament.

Francis Burton Harrison, the new governor-general of the Philippines, arrives in Manila and makes a speech proclaiming Woodrow Wilson’s policy of “ultimate independence” for the Philippines (he neglects to provide a date for that ultimate independence). The number of natives in the appointive upper house of the Philippine Congress will be increased to a majority.

The Metropolitan Police raid a Women’s Social and Political Union meeting in order to arrest Annie Kenney, who was out on a Cat and Mouse Act license. Resistance was strong but futile. After the cops left, the meeting resumed and they auctioned off hats that had been knocked off the heads of cops (the one from a chief inspector went to an American for $25). Flora Drummond, referring to forcible-feeding and NOT TO ANYTHING ELSE, said, “This week I am going to give them my body and they can do anything they like with it.”

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