Friday, October 18, 2013

Today -100: October 18, 1913: I have lost my office, but I have kept my self-respect

The High Court of Impeachment acquits NY Gov. Sulzer of the remaining charges, then votes 43-12 to remove him from office, but votes unanimously not to ban him from holding government positions (elected or appointive) in the future, and indeed Progressives are already talking about nominating him for Congress or the state Assembly.

Sulzer issues a statement calling the impeachment trial “a farce, political lynching, the consummation of a deep-laid political conspiracy to oust me from office. ... The well-settled rules of evidence were thrown to the winds. A horse-thief, in frontier days, would have received a squarer deal.” He goes on to say that Boss Murphy of Tammany ordered the impeachment and controlled the court: “he was the judge and the jury, the prosecutor and the bailiff.”

Acting Gov. Martin Glynn, sworn in as the new governor, says he will not be a factionist. Phew. The NYT effusively describes him as “not devoid of independence” from Tammany.

The zeppelin L II, undergoing trials to determine if it should be the flagship of the German aerial navy, explodes over the city of Johannisthal near Berlin, killing 28 in the biggest aviation disaster to date. Not a good year for German airships: The Navy’s L I was destroyed by a storm last month, breaking in half and killing 15. And the day after that an army zeppelin dragged two of the soldiers holding its lines into the air; they died when they let go.

The last officer who took part in the charge of the Light Brigade (1854) dies at 81. His name was Sir George Orby Wombwell, because of course it was.

The Mexican cabinet “won’t let” Huerta resign, which is of course all he ever really wanted to do.

In the US Congress, Rep. Isaac Ruth Sherwood (D-Ohio) says a consortium of nations should establish a military protectorate over Mexico.

The Austrian Army is complaining about the shortage of recruits from the Polish regions of the Empire, which they attribute to emigration of young men to work on the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

Headline of the Day -100: “WHAT DOES MARS WANT?” A Swiss astronomer thinks Mars is signaling the Earth with blue lights. The NYT thinks that “with regard to governing ourselves intelligently, regulating our lives in accordance with well-established facts, obeying natural laws, settling trivial disputes without bloodshed, we can tell them nothing that a people so old and wise as the Martians must be do not know already.”

Actually, Mars only wanted a little sexting.

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