Friday, November 01, 2013

Today -100: November 1, 1913: The moral law which the Suffragettes have defied is not the moral law accepted for themselves by men

Woodrow Wilson’s personal envoy, former Gov. John Lind, is still in Mexico, doing God knows what. But his wife just left for home. The steamship she was on was boarded by soldiers who arrested four deputies from a state legislature who opposed a tax Huerta ordered. Two other men the soldiers were looking for were hidden away – by Mrs. Lind in her cabin (she stayed on deck all night).

At the Kiev ritual murder trial, a Prof. Sikorski of Kiev University (a psych prof) testifies that Jews still ritually kill Christian boys all the time in the 20th century. All the time.

Speaking of racist murder trials of Jews, a Georgia Superior Court rejects Leo Frank’s motion for a new trial, which cited the prejudice of some of the jurors and loud intimidating demonstrations near the courtroom.

The New Statesman (UK) publishes a supplement on the women’s suffrage movement. Christabel Pankhurst’s article shows that she no longer considers militancy as merely a method for achieving women’s suffrage but as an end in itself, saying that militancy is “a means of breaking up the false relation of inferior to superior that has existed between men and women, and it is a means of correcting the great faults that have been produced in either sex by the subjection of women.” “The opposition to women’s militancy is founded upon prejudice, and upon nothing else. For the very same acts that militant women commit would, if they were committed by voteless men, be applauded. The moral law which the Suffragettes have defied is not the moral law accepted for themselves by men. It is slave morality that they have defied, a slave morality according to which active resistance to tyranny is the greatest crime that a subject class or a subject sex can commit.” Militancy is an education to men, showing that women are no longer appealing to them for the vote but “denying their title to withhold the vote.”

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