Saturday, November 09, 2013

Today -100: November 9, 1913: Was Oscar Wilde was the Edwardian Elvis?

Huerta says he has no plans to resign as president of Mexico. Why, there’s no one to whom he could present a resignation, since he ordered the National Assembly dissolved and many of its members imprisoned. The logic is impeccable.

Beilis’s lawyer in the Kiev ritual murder trial says that it’s the Jewish religion on trial. A judge interrupts to say no it isn’t, it’s “a question of fanatical acts.” The lawyer responds that in that case, the court wasted three days analyzing Jewish religious teachings.

The German kaiser’s brother, Prince Henry of Prussia, patents what sounds like some sort of windshield wiper. (I do know that the windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson in 1903, but by the time the idea caught on her patent had expired and she made no money off it).

George Bernard Shaw says that he will only do a speaking tour of the United States on the condition that he speak on the same platform as the kaiser.

The Daily Mail (London) is spreading the rumor that Christabel Pankhurst, running the WSPU’s program of militant suffragism from Paris, is staying there because she’s secretly... married.

The NYT Sunday Magazine section has another article about how Martians totally exist, because canals.

In Delaware, six prisoners convicted of robbery, 2 white and 4 black, are whipped. Delaware’s last flogging was in 1952, according to the internetz.

The NYT is actually, I mean ACTUALLY, investigating rumors that Oscar Wilde faked his own death. Its reporter finds that his doctor, priest and the keeper of the Paris hotel where he lived have all... disappeared. And no one seems to have seen the body.

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