Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today -100: November 14, 1913: Of hide and seek and petulant schoolmasters

Headline of the Day -100: “Huerta Spent Day in Hiding.” Leading to hopeful rumors that he had gotten out while the gettin’ was good, but it actually sounds like he was just trying to avoid taking receipt of a message from the US government that special envoy Lind was trying to deliver (he finally leaves it with Huerta’s secretary).

The LA Times, under the headline “Mexico May Declare War,” editorializes that if Woodrow Wilson wanted to force Mexico to do such a thing, he would, as he is in fact doing, meddle with its government, interfere with its attempts to establish order, and encourage the rebels. “President Wilson evidently needs some one to inform him that he was not elected to be ruler of Mexico, or to dictate to that country.” (Of course the last person who was actually elected to be ruler of Mexico was murdered presumably on Huerta’s orders). They go on to call Wilson “a petulant schoolmaster”.

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