Monday, November 04, 2013

Today -100: November 4, 1913: Of ultimata, hobos, and getting used to the income tax

Woodrow Wilson sends a note to Mexican dictator Huerta telling him to resign at once, at once I say! And no leaving a puppet in the president’s office either.

Mexican Gen. Felix Díaz flees to Cuba.

On the NYT front page, subtly sandwiched between two Mexico stories, is this article: “500,000 SOLDIERS AVAILABLE FOR WAR; Ordnance Department Has Perfected Plans for Prompt Mobilization.”

To get the police to do their job in preventing voter intimidation, the acting mayor of New York orders every police captain rotated temporarily to a new precinct.

The AP reveals that Illinois Lt.-Gov. Barratt O’Hara is a hobo. The president of the National Hobo Union gave him a membership card after O’Hara revealed that he too was once down and out, but O’Hara will have to make one trip using only his own resources before being acknowledged as a real ‘bo, with all the rights and privileges that entails.

Federal officials assure everyone dealing with the new federal income tax “that they will like it when they get used to it.” And history has certainly proven them right, huh?

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