Friday, November 29, 2013

Today -100: November 29, 1913: Of Mazalan, land swaps, strikes, and ear-boxing

The Mexican Constitutionalist rebels capture Mazatlan. Next stop: Chihuahua.

Not able to tap European money markets, Dictator Huerta may require banks to give him a forced loan.

Huerta also plans to go after every newspaper that reported the fall of Victoria. He hasn’t publicly admitted losing Juarez either.

Gen. Antonio Rábago, the military governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, commits suicide after losing the capital, Victoria, to the rebels.

Oh, and now Mexico has yellow fever, because of course it does.

Denmark is proposing a land swap: Germany would give Schleswig-Holstein (captured in the 1864 war) back to it, Denmark would give Greenland to the United States, the US would give Mindanao to Denmark, which would give it to Germany.

Indianapolis Mayor Samuel Shank met with the leaders of various unions and demanded a promise that there would be no more strikes during his period in office. They said no, so he has resigned. That’ll show them. (A detail I’d missed about the strike: the mayor had objected to cops being used to protect scabs. 31 cops refused orders to do so and were prosecuted, but were acquitted.)

The General Electric strike in Schenectady is over. Workers will work part-time rather than be laid off, and the two union organizers who were fired will be re-hired.

A German lawyer boxes the ears of an army lieutenant who he found in the company of his stenographer, and there was a duel, and... But here’s my point: no one boxes anyone’s ears anymore. Or do they? what is boxing someone’s ears, exactly?

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  1. In my young days, having one's ears boxed was an escalation in violence of a "clip round th'ear 'ole".