Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today -100: November 12, 1913: Of insulted officials, racist head taxes, Cossacks, and strongly worded remonstrances

A businessman in Breslau, Germany is sentenced to two weeks in prison for “a most serious insult to an official,” i.e., staring at a cop.

Panama will force every Chinese person to pay a $250 head tax within 72 hours or expel them from the country.

Following the ritual murder trial acquittal, there have been no pogroms yet in Kiev, which is being patrolled by Cossacks with orders to suppress any disturbances with extreme prejudice, and who knew Jews would ever be thankful for the presence of Cossacks?

The Russian Duma rejects a motion for equal civil rights for Jews, 172-92.

Big earthquake in Abancay, Peru.

Punch (click for larger)

Huerta: “What have we here?”

Eagle with a hat: “That, Sir, is another strongly worded remonstrance.”

Huerta: “No use for it. I hoped it was going to be an ultimatum.”

(It is anticipated that a definite threat of armed intervention on the part of the United States would determine all factions in Mexico to unite in the common cause of national independence.)

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