Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today -100: November 10, 1913: Of pacifications, persecutions, and citizens

Mexican dictator Huerta sends a note to all the embassies saying that if the new Congress rules that there was insufficient turnout for the presidential elections to be valid under the constitution, as is certainly the case because of the, you know, civil war, Huerta will “continue exerting himself for the pacification of the country” so that the next elections will be better.

Russia’s Court of Appeals orders the prosecution of 120 St. Petersburg lawyers who signed a petition protesting the Kiev ritual murder trial fiasco.

Ousted NY Gov. William Sulzer, in a letter read out at the People’s Forum, whatever that might be, says the Kiev trial is an act of persecution and, hey, you know what else was an act of persecution? my impeachment trial. Totally the same thing.

I occasionally run into stories of judges refusing US citizenship (the naturalization process was highly decentralized in 1913) to socialists or anarchists, but now a North Dakota judge refuses it to someone because he works in the liquor trade.

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