Monday, July 17, 2017

Today -100: July 17, 1917: Tool or man?

The NYT front page is a little confused

about the new German chancellor, Georg “Tool-Man” Michaelis.

Mostly tool, by the way. Or at least increasingly irrelevant as Generals Hindenburg and Ludendorff usurp more and more civil governmental functions.

Some Northern senators are complaining that the Census Bureau’s methods of calculating the numbers of men to be drafted in each state is unfair, disadvantaging northern states where there are high numbers of immigrants.

Greece considers itself to now be at war with the Central Powers. But doesn’t plan to actually declare it, for some reason.

German Crown Prince Wilhelm calls submarine warfare “the last argument of Kings.”

Resistance to the introduction of conscription is increasing in Quebec. Many are taking their money out of banks to pressure the government. 

The Justice Department fails to find any evidence of German financial backing for the IWW.

Novelist Upton Sinclair quits the Socialist Party, saying it’s become too pro-German.

Sen. Ben Tillman (D-South Carolina) says the race riots in East St. Louis were caused by white prejudice against the negro. “The more the Northern people know of the negro the less they like him. ... The white blood, becoming once aroused, grows savage and very cruel.” He thinks that white Northern men being trained in military camps in the South will improve their understanding of the negro problem. I shudder to think what Pitchfork Ben’s solution to the negro problem might be.

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