Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Today -100: July 26, 1917: Of women’s battalions of death and crazy men in politics

The Russian government is loudly threatening to execute soldiers who refuse to fight.  Evidently Gen. Kornilov threatened to resign if capital punishment in the army wasn’t restored.

Russia’s Women’s Battalion of Death, practically the only soldiers who are willing to fight, goes into battle for the first time. Does pretty well.

Countess Sofia Vladimirovna Panina, the first woman cabinet minister ever in any country, resigns as Assistant Minister of Social Tutelage (party politics, nothing personal).

The Russian government has ordered the arrest of Lenin, if they can find him, which they can’t. If convicted as a German spy, he’d be executed. If not, he’d be put under house arrest as a precaution against “a crazy man in politics at this crisis.”

Russia won’t accept the Finnish Landtag’s declaration of independence.

31 Wobblies are expelled from Bemidji, Minnesota by a mob which blames them for a sawmill fire.

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