Saturday, July 29, 2017

Today -100: July 29, 1917: Your hands are full of blood

The race rioting in Chester, Pennsylvania resumes.

Kerensky: “It is a spectre of anarchy which needs to be obliterated.” He closes Russia’s borders. The Petrograd Executive Committee of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Soviet calls for Lenin and Zinoviev to be put on trial for inciting revolt and receiving German money.

Meanwhile, former Czar Nicholas is reported to have broken his leg bicycling. I doubt it, but here’s a picture of Nicky on a bikky... no, that doesn’t work, does it?

8,000 negroes march on Fifth Avenue, NYC in protest against Jim Crow, disfranchisement of blacks, and the race wars of East St. Louis, Waco, Memphis, etc. The police complain about a banner picturing a negro woman kneeling before Wilson, appealing to him to bring democracy to the US before trying to do so in Europe, so they put it away, but other banners said “Make America Safe for Democracy,” “India is Abolishing Caste, America Is Adopting It,” “Your Hands Are Full of Blood” (yick), “Pray for the Lady Macbeths of St. Louis,” “We are Maligned as Lazy, and Murdered When We Work.”

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