Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Today -100: July 4, 1917: American citizens are being murdered in East St. Louis

A race riot (black v. white) starts in NYC, when a cop tries to disperse black National Guards who were just hanging out.

While arrests were made during the East St. Louis race riots, almost everyone’s been released. The pogrom is settling down. The secretary of the Freedman Foundation telegrams Woodrow Wilson asking for federal intervention to prevent more bloodshed, saying “American citizens are being murdered in East St. Louis.”

At her trial, Emma Goldman denies the accuracy of the report of her speech by a police stenographer, saying she speaks too quickly to be recorded accurately, which she proves by getting the same cop to attempt to take down her words in court, which he can’t. Witnesses say that neither she nor Berkman have ever advocated violence.

Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg says Germany will win soon. “If we hold our ground against enemy attacks until the submarine warfare has done its work, the war is won for us.”

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