Saturday, July 08, 2017

Today -100: July 8, 1917: Of emperors, wobblies, and race riots

Chinese Boy-Emperor, or I guess Tween-Emperor now, Hsuan Tung abdicates, again, as the Republican army menaces Peking.

Warrants are issued in Arizona for 15 IWW activists for calling a strike at the Golconda Company copper mine. Gov. Edward Campbell says IWW hq gave the strike order. The IWW denies it. He also hints at dark German influences and says even if there aren’t any, the strike directly benefits Germany.

Rep. William August Rodenberg, whose district includes East St. Louis, says the race riots in that city were not about race but labor conditions. They were about both, dude.

German newspapers have been downplaying the arrival of US troops in France, saying they are few in numbers and lack proper equipment.

Greece broke off diplomatic relations with Turkey, so Turkey will deport all Greeks and confiscate their property.

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