Sunday, July 09, 2017

Today -100: July 9, 1917: Of exports, bullets, and reichstags

Pres. Wilson declares that he now has complete control over exports. A large list of products will require an export license. One thing he plans to do with this power is starve neutral countries of food they might sell on to Germany, which is a bit ironic considering that Wilson’s main complaint about Germany that led him to decide on war was their interference with the US sale of goods to one side of the war. And Wilson is joining the Allied policy of trying to starve Germany into submission, without any public debate over the morality of that course.

The Illinois state militia will claim that the reason it failed to stop the East St. Louis race riots was that it didn’t have enough bullets.

Matthias Erzberger, leader of Germany’s (Catholic) Zentrum Party, commits his party to electoral reforms and calls for a peace without annexations. News of the last part hasn’t reached the NYT yet (3 days later), or indeed the German public, thanks to censorship. The government is losing control of the Reichstag.

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