Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Today -100: September 19, 1918: Of Spanish Flu and u-boats: That’s just science.

Lt. Col. Phillip Doane, the head of the Health and Sanitation Section of the Emergency Fleet Corporation, whatever that might be, thinks the Spanish Flu was probably brought to the US by German agents on u-boats.

I probably should have been linking to the daily disgorgement of forged anti-Soviet documents, but here’s today’s.

Former Russian Minister of War Vladimir Sukhomlinov is court-martialed and shot in the same day, the NYT reports. There’ll be a serves-him-right editorial in tomorrow’s paper. Sukhomlinov is not dead (or even in prison).

Sergei Prokofiev is in New York. I’m a little surprised the NYT has heard of the 27-year-old Russian composer.

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