Monday, September 24, 2018

Today -100: September 24, 1918: Of prohibition, handkerchiefs, and dead czars

The war is going badly for all the Central Powers. Bulgarian forces are being badly beaten in Macedonia and Gen. Edmund Allenby is capturing huge numbers of Turkish troops in Palestine. Even the Italians are winning battles now. Constantinople is bombed.

The House votes 171-34 to introduce prohibition from June 1919 until the end of the war.

The NY Board of Health posts 10,000 placards in subways, movie theatres etc about influenza: “sneeze, cough, or expectorate, (if you must) in your handkerchief. You are in no danger if every one heeds this warning.”

Russian White soldiers dig up and hold a little ceremony for what they claim are the remains of Czar Nicholas II, but which are not.

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