Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Today -100: September 4, 1918: Of round-ups domestic and foreign, primaries, and governments clothed with proper authority

Another mass roundup of suspected “slackers” inconveniences 20,000 young men in New York City, 12,000 in New Jersey, 27,000 in Chicago, etc. This will, as usual, be a colossal waste of time and manpower, yielding just a handful of actual draft evaders, while men who didn’t happen to have their documents on them (some because they’re too old to be eligible for the draft and thus have no documents) are held overnight while trying to get someone to bring documents.

In response to the assassination attempt on Lenin, thousands of arrests are made, focusing on the Social Revolutionary (SR) Party, and an order is issued that everyone found with a gun will be instantly executed and every active opponent of the Soviet government will be placed in a concentration camp and their property seized. Non-residents of Moscow and Petrograd are ordered to leave those cities.

New York gubernatorial primaries: it’ll be Charles Whitman, going for a 3rd term, for the R’s, and Al Smith for the D’s.

The US recognizes Czechoslovakia as a nation, and Tomáš Masaryk’s Czechoslovak National Council as its de facto government, “clothed with proper authority to direct the political and military affairs of the Czechoslovaks.” It does not explain who it was who so clothed them. Masaryk is currently in the US, and his wife is American.

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