Thursday, September 27, 2018

Today -100: September 27, 1918: Of the timidity of white men, reigns of terror, leaflets, and Spanish Flu

Allied troops (British, Greek) have pushed into Bulgaria.

Pro-suffrage senators filibuster the Susan B. Anthony women’s suffrage Amendment because they are still short of the 2/3 votes required. Sen. John Sharp Williams (D-Miss.), the former House minority leader, offers an amendment to change the word “citizens” to “white citizens.” Mississippi’s other racist senator, James Vardaman, supports this, criticizing the “timidity of white men of the South to make a political issue of the negro question in suffrage.”  Joseph S. Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) objects to the vote being given to immigrant women naturalized through marriage.

of the Day -100: 

Um... good?

An Austrian military order says any captured Allied pilot who dropped leaflets is subject to the death penalty. Evidently dropping leaflets is worse than dropping bombs. (I have my doubts about this story).

The NYC Department of Health says the Spanish Flu is actually an epidemic of pneumonia and they have no idea what the connection between the two is (also, they’re saying influenza is passed by germs, because they don’t really know what a virus is yet or that it’s not the same thing as bacteria). The Dept says the rapid spread of the flu is “nothing alarming” but suggests people stop crowding each other on subways and whatnot.

Boston had 156 Spanish Flu/pneumonia deaths yesterday. Theatres, dance halls etc are ordered closed, as are schools and churches in many Massachusetts towns. Lt. Gov. Calvin Coolidge appeals for aid to Pres. Wilson, the governors of Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island, and the mayor of Toronto.

So many army training camps have flu outbreaks that next month’s draftees won’t be sent to them until it’s run its course.

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