Friday, September 28, 2018

Today -100: September 28, 1918: A people’s war

Woodrow Wilson makes a speech at the Met for the 4th Liberty Loan bond drive. The war, he says, “has become a people’s war.” Democracy blah blah League of Nations yadda yadda.

Philadelphia will have a big parade today to promote the Liberty Loan, followed by a John Philip Sousa concert. Thousands will catch the Spanish Flu as a result. Here’s an article about it.

Bulgaria asks for an armistice. Germany claims PM Aleksandar Malinov made this plea without asking the cabinet or King Ferdinand, so he should immediately be put on trial for high treason.

The War Dept wants colleges under contract with it to run military training courses not to allow the men on those courses to join fraternities which are just, like, distracting.

A couple of boys in Jersey City spot two men digging a hole under a railway trestle and fetch the cops, thus obviously foiling another dastardly German plot.

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