Saturday, September 29, 2018

Today -100: September 29, 1918: Potatoes are ok

German Chancellor Count Georg von Hertling resigns.

Suffragists have failed to get 2/3 of senators to support the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, as Christie Benet (D-SC), who was just appointed to replace the late Pitchfork Ben Tillman, says he won’t vote for it. Antis may have been pulling a fast one on the suffragists regarding Benet, making them think they had 2/3 so they’d push for a vote and lose.

At a war bonds talk, Theodore Roosevelt calls for draft registration to continue after the war and to include women, “for the purposes of peace no less than for the purposes of war.” He’s rather unclear about what the training for women would consist of during peacetime. Only those who so serve should have the vote, he says. He says we must stop all profiteering by capitalists and all slacking and loafing. And if you didn’t think he would suggest super-tough measures against profiteering by capitalists, you’d be wrong: “any man who makes a fortune out of this war ought to be held up to derision and scorn.”

Headline of the Day -100: 

No it doesn’t.

The Senate passes a resolution to create a $1 million emergency fund to fight the Spanish Flu.

Speaking at the dedication of the Altar of Liberty in Madison Square,

Vice President Thomas Marshall apologizes to America for having supported neutrality for the first 2½ years of the war. America responded, “Oh, did you? We weren’t paying attention. To be honest, we’d forgotten all about you.”

The troop ship Leviathan leaves Hoboken, despite the fact that hundreds of its soldiers are already sick with Spanish Flu (Woodrow Wilson at some point explicitly decided that the certainty of spreading infection through Europe was worth it). At least 80 will die onboard before it reaches Brest on October 8, at least 100 will die soon afterwards, and some of the rest will spread the flu to other troops. The numbers are approximate because no one’s bothering to count.

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