Saturday, September 22, 2018

Today -100: September 22, 1918: All civilized nations should register their abhorrence of such barbarism

The US sends a note to Allied and neutral governments asking them to condemn the killings in Russia. The ones by the Bolshevik government, which it calls “mass terrorism,” not the ones by the Whites. “[A]ll civilized nations should register their abhorrence of such barbarism,” it says. It asks the nations whether they’re interested in taking “some immediate” but unspecified “action, which is entirely divorced from the atmosphere of belligerency and the conduct of the war, to impress upon the perpetrators of these crimes the aversion with which civilization regards their present wanton acts.” The US in taking this initiative is “acting... solely in the interests of the Russian people themselves”.

Supposedly, there is an assassination attempt on Trotsky. By a soldier in Kursk.

The documents that the NYT has been printing “proving” that the Bolsheviks were in the pay of Germany and following its orders have been called forgeries by Santeri Nuorteva of the Finnish Information Bureau, who says that some of them had been given to the Kerensky government last year at the time it was actively trying to prosecute Bolsheviks but even it wouldn’t use such obvious forgeries. George Creel of the Committee on Public Information responds, “The documents are absolutely authentic, and when a Bolshevik makes an unsupported attack against them, it’s hardly worth bothering about.”

Another day, another article on how the Spanish Flu isn’t really that dangerous.

A letter to the NYT from the father of a soldier objects to the term "doughboy," which "is surely undignified, as it seems to imply that our troops are either half-baked or not baked at all and is also unpatriotic."

Now playing: "Laughing Bill Hyde," Will Rogers’s first movie. A lost film, I believe.

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