Monday, October 01, 2018

Today -100: October 1, 1918: Without their counselings, we shall be only half wise

Bulgaria surrenders. Under the terms of the armistice, it will have to remove its troops from Greece and Serbia, demobilize its army and give up its arms and ammunition. The Allies will take control of Bulgarian railroads and navigation on the Danube. This leaves the various Central Powers armies cut off from each other. The Turks are now on their own. The occupation of Albania is now untenable. King Ferdinand pardons all political prisoners, but who will pardon him for getting Bulgaria into this stupid war? No one, that’s who.

Following German Chancellor Count Georg von Hertling’s resignation, foreign minister Paul von Hintze is fired.

Woodrow Wilson goes to the Senate (without advance notice, as was his custom) to make a speech in favor of the women’s suffrage Amendment, which he says is “vitally essential to the successful prosecution of the great war of humanity in which we are engaged,” just as important as soldiers voting (did no one tell him that his own War Dept just blocked NY soldiers voting?), and it will be important after the war. “We shall need their moral sense to preserve what is right and fine and worthy in our system or life, as well as to discover just what it is that ought to be purified and reformed. Without their counselings, we shall be only half wise.” The speech doesn’t seem to have swayed anyone, least of all the next speaker, Sen. Oscar Underwood of Alabama, who lost the Democratic nomination for president in 1912 to Wilson and who just wants to get this “trying and vexatious question” “disposed of.” By which he means rejected. “It is because we are a democracy that I oppose it. Do we want Government by mob? Do we want Government by the unrestricted and unresponsible majority?” By which he means putting black and white women on a parity, which would surely, he says, destroy the South’s future.

NY Health Commissioner Royal S. Copeland says the Spanish Flu has been halted and checked, if by halted and checked he means 694 new cases.

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