Thursday, October 18, 2018

Today -100: October 18, 1918: Of lesser wars, surly tones, Polish treason, and flu-doctoring

The war is over! The war is over! Oh, wait....

It’s weird that they’re casually throwing around war metaphors during an actual, you know, world war, right?

Berlin newspapers are more concerned about the “surly” tone of Wilson’s note than about its contents.

The Polish Regency Council tells the German governor-general of occupied Russian Poland, Hans Beseler, that they will take over all administrative functions, or else. Beseler agrees and it’s all published in the German press. It sounds like up to now German papers have been muttering about Polish “treason” without being allowed to say to what they’re referring. They’re also upbraiding the Poles for their ingratitude for being “freed” from Russia.

It is announced that the Austro-Hungarian Empire will be reorganized on a federal basis. Hungary, not impressed, declares independence. German papers are playing with the idea that after the A-H Empire breaks apart completely, the ethnic-German parts of Austria might join Germany.

NYC draft boards halt their conscripting activities to free up their doctors to fight the Spanish Flu.

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