Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Today -100: October 30, 1918: Of Fiume, South Slavs, armistices, and influenza

Count Mihály Károlyi has formed a breakaway Hungarian government, after failing to get Emperor Charles on board. His program: withdrawing Hungarian troops from the war, elections by universal male and female suffrage, the recognition of independent states for Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and German Austria. Hungary is hoping that by speeding up Austria’s surrender it will earn enough brownie points that it will be given the city of Fiume, without which it will be land-locked, but which Italy and proto-Yugoslavia also really want.

King Nikola I of Montenegro, who has been ruling the country since 1860, before it was even a country, says it must now be part of Yugoslavia, which he thinks should be a federation, presumably so he can continue being king after the merger. Which he won’t.

Austria sends a note to the US saying, hey remember how we surrendered, or tried to, so where’s the armistice already?

NYC Health Commissioner Royal Copeland has toured NY’s east side and is totally optimistic, as always, about the Spanish Flu, despite the 4,073 new cases reported yesterday (plus 702 of pneumonia), and the 775 deaths and the fact that his son now has it. He blames that on his 8-year-old son’s school having closed, because kids are so much safer at school.

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