Friday, October 19, 2018

Today -100: October 19, 1918: Our victory does not spell revenge

Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles issues an address on the federalization of the empire, which he calls “the reorganization of our country on a natural, and, therefore, solid basis,” “in conformity with the will of its people”. Not the Poles, though: Polish Austria will not be joining the “independent” Polish Puppet State.

Tomáš Masaryk, in Washington, declares independence for Czechoslovakia. The notional Czechoslovak National Council says Charles’ federalization is total bullshit under a Hapsburg dynasty “weighed down by a huge inheritance of error and crime”. It rejects the divine right of kings, which is something that still needs to be said in 1918, evidently (don’t tell Kaiser Wilhelm, it’ll just make him cross). Czechoslovakia will be a republic with free speech, separation of church and state, and women’s suffrage.

Headline of the Day -100:

Oh please, Clemenceau TOTALLY wants revenge. Prime Minister Georges “The Tiger” Clemenceau tells the Chamber of Deputies that “Our victory and the victory of our allies means the liberation of civilization and liberty of human conscience.”

Baltimore runs out of coffins, or at least nice ones, because of Spanish Flu mortality. The mayor calls on people to settle for cheap ones. The Chicago health commissioner advises that people salute each other rather than shake hands.

The ban on driving on Sundays has been lifted.

This ad suggests that everyone should buy more Liberty Bonds than they can actually afford. Just take out a loan. This full-page ad was taken out by... wait for it... 86 banks.

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