Thursday, October 25, 2018

Today -100: October 25, 1918: Let us dictate peace by the hammering guns and not chat about peace to the accompaniment of the clicking of typewriters

Karl Liebknecht, German leftie extraordinaire, is released from prison, 2½ years after the Reichstag deputy was illegally sentenced by a military court.

Theodore Roosevelt appeals to the Senate (in telegrams to Sens. Henry Cabot Lodge, Hiram Johnson, and Miles Poindexter) to interfere with Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy and “take affirmative action against a negotiated peace with Germany and in favor of a peace based on the unconditional surrender of German.” “Let us dictate peace by the hammering guns and not chat about peace to the accompaniment of the clicking of typewriters.” He also calls on the Senate to repudiate the 14 Points, calling them “thoroughly mischievous.” He says a peace based on them would not be the unconditional surrender of Germany but a conditional surrender of the United States. He calls again for the US to declare war on Turkey.

Commercial Product That Has No Effect on Spanish Flu Being Promoted As Having An Effect on Spanish Flu of the Day -100:

Henry Mapp, head of the Salvation Army in Russia, claims that British Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener’s death when his ship was sunk in 1916 was the fault of Czarina Alexandra, who sent a cable to Germany informing them of his plans. Nonsense.

Germany says it will return all the art it stole in France. It only stole them to save them from being blown up, it says, you’re welcome.

The British Parliament passes (274-25) a resolution introduced by Herbert Samuel in favor of women being eligible for election to the House of Commons. Samuel says women MPs would be especially helpful dealing with issues like health, education, child welfare, you know, girl stuff. This will shortly be enacted, and women will be eligible on the same terms as men, i.e., at 21, even though women can’t actually vote in elections until 30. The Daily Chronicle wonders whether the House of Lords will follow suit. Um, yeah, in 40 years or so.

Sure, why not

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