Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Today -100: October 23, 1918: A byword and a hissing

Belgium again says that its peace terms are only restoration of its sovereignty and massive indemnities. Oh, and getting its colonies back. Sovereignty is not for the likes of the Congolese.

New York Gov. Charles Whitman begins his re-election campaign, saying the only issue is whether Tammany Hall, in the person of Alfred E. Smith, will take over the whole state and return to the times when Tammany “made the State of New York a byword and a hissing.” He welcomes the new women voters, who will make everything “infinitely better, purer, and cleaner and on an infinitely higher plane” (Spoiler Alert: they won’t).

Theodore Roosevelt says Henry Ford’s “obnoxious type of pacifism” makes him unfit to be elected to the Senate from Michigan, but “If there should be at any time in the future a Hindoo Senate...”

Companies like US Steel are inoculating their workers against the Spanish Flu with a vaccine that’s probably about as useful as this:

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