Monday, October 29, 2018

Today -100: October 29, 1918: The same war as ever

Austria replies to Wilson’s Oct. 19 note, accepting all his terms.

Hindenburg tells soldiers that there isn’t an armistice yet, so they have to keep doing the war thing. “The war is still on – the same war as ever.”

Kaiser Wilhelm, fighting against pressures on him to abdicate (or be put on trial, as a member of the Reichstag suggested today), supposedly said that he’d be willing to be a mere hereditary president, like the king of England.

Austrian Prime Minister Baron Max Hussarek von Heinlein resigns, and is replaced by Prof. Heinrich Lammasch. His experience as an international arbitrator should serve him well in running what the Viennese press is calling a “liquidation ministry.”

Theodore Roosevelt is given part of the seat from the airplane in which his son Quentin was killed, because who wouldn’t want a “memento” of that.

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