Thursday, October 01, 2020

Today -100: October 1, 1920: Of appeals to racial bigotry and friendly association

Gov. James Cox enunciates a list of reasons veterans should vote for Democrats, mostly about the League, but point 7 is: “Because the Democratic candidates despise to appeal to racial bigotry.” Not sure what he’s accusing the R’s of, but has he ever met a Southern Democrat? Or heard himself on Japanese immigration? Don’t despise to appeal to racial bigotry, hah!

A couple of days back, FDR publicly asked Harding what his stand was on the League of Nations. Harding responded “I will never favor any alliance, league or compact that can impose its will by its vote on the people of the United States. I will favor friendly association and conference of the peoples of the world.” FDR simplifies the question to a more specific version that will be harder for Harding to tapdance around (and no, “Harder for Harding” was not a 1920 campaign slogan). But FDR doesn’t think Harding can answer without losing the support of either Hiram Johnson and the anti-Leaguers or Taft and the pro-Leaguers.

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