Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Today -100: October 7, 1920: The roof of the house was off

Russia and Poland sign an armistice.

And Russia and Finland agree a peace treaty.

B.J. Jones, the black chairman of the Columbia County Republican Club of Florida, who has been encouraging black women to vote, is kidnapped from his bed, a noose put around his neck, and driven some miles, where he is let go. Presumably this is intended as intimidation rather than actual attempted murder.

Former British Prime Minister H.H. Asquith has been talking about offering Ireland “Dominion home rule.” Current Prime Minister David Lloyd George says Asquith refuses to explain what that even means. LG is particularly keen that Ireland never be allowed an army. Or control over taxation.

The mayor of Wexford in County, um, Wexford, Ireland, Richard Corish, is arrested.

An airplane lands at night in Long Island, using magnesium flares and “torches such as are used on Fourth of July” reflecting off mirrors on the underside of the wing to illuminate the landing strip. So planes can safely land at night for the first time, yay.

During the Democratic convention in San Francisco, orders were given for 40 barrels of whiskey and gin to be released from warehouses for the use of the delegates. The city health officer signed off. Supervisor (and acting mayor) Ralph McLeran (a Republican) says everyone knew about it. “The roof of the house was off, and San Francisco was entertaining in the San-Francisco-knows-how way.”

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