Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Today -100: October 28, 1920: Make Good or Quit

I was wondering about this: the monkey that bit Greek King Alexander is still alive. The news today about possible next king Paul: he is an excellent dancer.

The inscription on Terence MacSwiney’s coffin reads “Murdered by the foreigner in Brixton Prison”. At the coroner’s inquest there is a back and forth between the coroner and MacSwiney’s widow Muriel over his occupation, which she insists was “volunteer officer of the Irish Republican Army.”

Pres. Wilson meets 15 pro-League of Nations Republicans. He reads them an address beginning “My fellow country-men.” What was it Queen Victoria said about Gladstone, he always speaks to me as if I was a public meeting? Anyway, Wilson is pretty feeble, doesn’t seem to recognize people he knows, and reads to them from a wheelchair. “[T]he whole future moral force of right of the world depends upon the United States rather than upon any other nation,” he says, so no pressure. “[W]e have now to choose whether we will make good or quit.”

Marriage of the Day -100:  

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